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In recent years the World Bodypainting Association has added many new independent and certified training courses to become the education center that it is today, the "WB Academy". Thanks to our unique network we are able to offer tailored workshops in many languages worldwide.

Together with the World Bodypainting Association, it is our effort to promote the art of bodypainting as the high art form form that it is and to encourage high quality art standards. General introductions to the art of bodypainting or through artistic and historical training, training in specific areas, focus groups for competitions, commercials or courses on special techniques, processing of various materials in the field of special effects, beauty and fashion make-up or  marketing for the self employeed artist are among our professional services.


The "WB Academy"

  • Organisation of workshops on request worldwide
  • Certificates from the World Bodypainting Association
  • Closed group care with all contents and travel arrangements
  • Training for individuals or small groups
  • Organisation of workshops groups in certain countries with individual reservations
  • Regular courses in Vienna, London, Seoul and Moscow.
  • Annual focus week with 50 of the best and most important personalities from the bodypainting industry at the World Bodypainting Festival and the Global Bodypainting Conference
  • Inquiries


WB Academy Dates

Many programs are arranged individually on request and are often used for closed groups. Others are open to all and can, for example, be booked through our WB Online Store. We try to maintain a current updated listing of all available programs. We are happy to keep you updated with news and you can follow us on our WB Academy Facebook Page.

Program Dates


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Instructors such as Bella Volen / Denis Kartashev / Tsen Gansukh



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