Some of our WB Academy Instructors

Johannes Stötter [Italy]

Johannes stoetter

Johannes Stötter, artist and musician, started painting bodies in the year 2000. His first bodypainting experiment aroused a passion which became the main content of his life. As he never was strongly influenced by other bodypainters, his style and his way of working are very individual and very different from those of other artists. In 2009 Johannes joined the international bodypainting community and developed to a professional fine-art-bodypainter. Many of his works are related to natural and spiritual themes. His art is also shown in commercials, music-videos, catalogue covers, CD-covers, fashion shows, live-performances, workshops, competitions, exhibitions etc. His biggest successes so far were the world-champion-title 2012 and the vice-world-champion-title 2011, both in the category brush/sponge.

Bella Volen [Bulgaria]

Bella Volen

Art is a mirror - let's change the reflection!

Very few of the hundreds of body painting artists working around the world have a background in fine arts and have studied the foundations of the theory of creating art with colour, composition, symbology and illusory light. Bella is one of the most passionate artists bringing together these rules and breaking them with her compositions on living people and canvas.
Bella comes from an established arts family in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria, and was raised among painters, sculptors, dancers and poets.
She supported her natural talent with thirteen years of formal study in some of the most prestigious art institutes including the fine arts secondary school and the Academy of Fine Art in Sofia, followed by six and half years painting study in Vienna and many private courses with well know artists.
Bella has won many international body painting awards. She lives in Vienna, Austria and works world wide as an art instructor. She does paintings, body painting, murals, videos, installations, theatre art and book illustrations.

Yulia Vlasova  [Russia]

yiulia vlasova

The Art is my hobby, my work, my life.
I was born in St. Petersburg in the family of art restorers. I started drawing since early childhood and studied at art school, and then Art Institute. Initially I have copied a academic painting with my father. But when my friend shown me the airbrush technique I’ve decided to work in this technique. So starting from 2008 I’m working professionally in airbrush on cars, interiors decoration, body-art and so on.
Some years ago I started to use special effects in my work. Special thanks to Wolfe brothers, who did greate workshop 2 years ago and gave me a lot of ideas. Also thanks to artists of Russian film studio LENFILM, who shared to me some professional secrets. Last year I’m closely working with professionals from SMOOTH-ON company. This company produce a lot of materials especial for special effects.
I also carry out workshops in Russia, Ukrain, Kazahstan for special effects and airbrush.
I wish all artists and stylists to learn new techniques and apply its in own work, making their work more creative.

Filippo Ioco [Italy/Spain/USA]

Filippo ioco

Filippo ioco is one of the most outstanding and groundbreaking Body painting artists of all time. It is his combination of experience, innovation and courage that has kept his work at the top for over two decades. His work has been featured in music videos, commercials, book covers, ad campaigns, printed media and such television shows as Larry King Live, Good Morning America and Ripley's Believe it or Not to name a few. For people familiar with the Body painting world he is an icon, and for those new to the industry he is an inspiration as well as a role model. Filippo ioco also an accomplished Fine Artist and Decorative Artist dedicates a large amount of his artistic energy to charity work worldwide.

Denis Kartashev [Russia]

Denis Kartashev

Award-winning Russian make-up artist Denis Kartashev has been cultivating his craft for more than 15 years. His make-up has graced the pages of the most influential magazines in Russia, including Elle, Vogue, L Officiel, Dolores Magazine and Hairs. In 2013, he set up his own make-up academy, known as the Denis Kartashev Make Up Academy, and launched a make0up brush brand under the name Makeup Designer.

 Alex Hansen [Brazil]

Alex Hansen

Alex Hansen is an internationally acclaimed Makeup Artist that creates from his own inspirations at levels of the highest standards. Awarded in multiple festivals and competitions all over the world for body painting and Special FX makeup; Alex is driven to push himself further as an artist with every success or achievement.

His amazing talent and experience have built an international first class reputation over the years. His ever growing art form extends from airbrush murals and illustrations to Sculpting, Costume Design, and his unique forte: Body Paint. As a 3 time World Champion for Special FX and Airbrush Body painting, Alex Hansen enjoys teaching seminars and makeup classes all around the world sharing his techniques, entertaining and inspiring the artistic communities with his open personality.

As an experienced Airbrush artist, Alex Hansen plays a large role in the Body Painting community as well as the Make-up field, having big hollywood productions in his Resume such as "300", "Death Race", "The Aviator", "The day after tomorrow" and "Immortals".

Ernst Wieser [Austria]

Ernst Wieser

The Carinthian Bodypainting Artist Ernst Wieser has had a significant influence on the local and international Bodypainting- scene for more than 2 decades.
As a judge at the World Bodypainting Festival in Seeboden and an active support for many years he gave fundamental Impulses to this form of art and encouraged many young talents with his experience and knowledge.
With his work the Bodypainting Artist Ernst Wieser is enriching:

• Photoshootings
• Demonstrations
• Workshops
• Events
• Action paintings on stage

Ernst Wieser is mainly working with airbrush, bringing his work to perfection in corporations with photographers, film teams and make up artists.

Felix Shtein [Russland/Israel]

Felix shtein

Felix Stein is international master, judge of the world championships and European decorative make-up and body Artoo and speaker at the International Congress of stylists in Greece. He is further the Director of the author's school of professional makeup since 1997 and founder of the professional line of cosmetics "Felix Shtein essence of beauty".
He is a master of creative makeup, his work is known around the world, it emphasized all will know his own courses and seminars held throughout the world, so a tight schedule (4 countries per month) seem normal. His work can be seen at the podium shows, on the covers of magazines and the world's major advertising projects. Based on the works of Felix created a permanent solo exhibition at the Art Museum of the city of Eilat in Israel.

Birgit Mörtl [Austria]

Birgit Mrtl

Artistic and manual Skills are her gift, Art and design her Mission!
Already as a child Birgit Mörtl spent more time in her father´s workshop than with her dolls. Welding, working with wood, tools, machines, colours and brushes were never a problem for Birgit Mörtl.
After a very good degree for fashion and clothing- technique Birgit Mörtl was accepted for a special workshop for stage costumes, which she completed as successfully as her Master of womens- fashion- creator with the main focus on stage costumes in 1999. It was the same time she got in contact with special effects, when a friend convinced her to participate in a Bodypainting- workshop. He told her: "You can paint on canvas, so Bodypainting should not be a problem!" Since then Birgit Mörtl is infected with the Virus of Bodypainting- it is her passion.
She loves to transform people, to paint, to experiment and to fascinate.
Birgit Mörtl took the step to self- employment, and it was the right decision. The list of costumers for promotion- costumes, Bodypainting, stage design, Movie-, Event- and Exhibition decoration is endless. Further more Birgit Mörtl is always up for new trends and designs and is actively using the participation in workshops and seminars to exchange experiences and get to know new materials.

Karen Yiu [Hong Kong]

Karen Yiu

Karen Yiu used to be a register Social Worker, but she is also interested in Art and Design, after graduated from University, she start to explore her strength in different fields, she has been work hard in her free time and taking part time course in Hong Kong, and finally she was accepted by the University of the Arts London. Karen Yiu graduated from the University of the Arts London (London College of Fashion) Specialist makeup design with Distinction. She is an accomplished Hair and Make-up designer with extensive experience in Fashion, Editorial and Body Painting Art. Karen is passionate about makeup design; she believes as an artist one should not only know how to apply makeup, more importantly, should be capable of generating new ideas and creating innovative images. Makeup design is like creating art pieces. She invented body embroidery makeup technique in her final project, and get the attention from the industry.

Having spent just a few years in the industry, her editorial credits include The Telegraph (UK), Vogue (China), Bon International, Elle(UK), Zip magazine(HK), Kee Magazine(HK), Asian Bride. She also take part in advertising shoots for major brands such as SAMSUME, ELLE, FILA, L’Oreal Paris, Dr Hauschka (Germany). In addition Karen has worked in the London fashion week in the past years, shows included Jean Pierre Braganza, Reubecksen yamanaka, Tata Naka, Gardem Paris, Collado Garcia, Aimee McWilliams, Bruce Oldfield Jaeger etc

Ulf Scherling [Austria]

Ulf Scherling

Since my childhood, the passion for photography is deep and the love for nude art maybe has its roots in nature and maybe also in the small artworks in my parents' house. My mothers camera was part of the first photography- experiences. I decided to use the possibility of manipulating pictures when Digital photography arised, to realise my imaginations, and it opened up a new world for me.
My actual passion is nude photography and I find working with light and shadow fascinating. No matter if in the studio, Outdoor or under water, I define it as "drawing with light", whereas my focus is not lying on the technical realization without mistakes but the composition, ideas and spontaneity. You will also see that in the pictures I call "Fantasy Art" and "Dark Art".
In addition, as a passionate rider I am trying to catch the grace and beauty of those animals with my photography.

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