Russia & Ukraine

We have been particularly active in Russia and the CIS since 2012. Our websites and social media activities have been available in Russian since then and from Winter 2013/2014 the first programs and activities started. International artists are continuously traveling with the WB Academy to Russia and Russian-speaking countries. We are also happy to have received further support from the Austrian Chamber of Commerce to promote our activities.

There are now also regular press releases, various minor events and active participation in competitions in St. Petersburg and Moscow.

See Dates for the next programs points.

moscow-photo alex-barendregt kiev
Moscow (Russia) / Kiev (Ukraine)

Particularly great partnerships have emerged since 2013 so that the WB Academy program points will be further intensified.

From the beginning we have had an exciting communication channel with Kristina Elizarova from Moscow. A world-class artist who is also a participant and instructor at the World Bodypainting Festival in Austria. Champions like Johannes Stoetter from Italy or Alex Hansen from Brazil have launched the first courses in Moscow.




After many years of active participation in the World Bodypainting Festival, Yiulia Vlasova from St. Petersburg, has an intense and trusting partnership with the WB Academy in Russia. Most activities go much further than workshops and master classes. In St. Petersburg there are more and more makeup Events, body painting competitions and even festivals. Since 2014 CEO Alex Barendregt has been part of the largest Russian Beauty festivals, Nievski Berega that is organized 2 times annually.



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