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Since 2007 we have through the World Bodypainting Association (WBA) a close connection to exciting initiatives, colleges, universities, Make-up school and Make-up unions in Asia. Alex Barendregt managed the conceptual design, the preparation and execution for the first year and realised together with local partners this Asian version of a Bodypainting Festival. Since then also several education and training programs take place there.


In 2010, the WBA Asia, a subsidiary of the worldwide WBA was founded and builds the cornerstone for many further activities. While the Bodypainting event is stopped for the moment, the workshop programs got more and more important. Many workshop instructors get invited to Korea, to create varied and individual programs.

All the asian programms are organised in cooperation with the WBA and the WB Academy, all activities are coordinated together with Park Chan Heeand the headquater in Austria.


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Celebratory ceremonies for presentations and partnerships as well as grand openings belong to the Korean culture.




The program in Korea is mostly for closed groups and are allocated all over the year.

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