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For 2 decades now the World Bodypainting Festival is THE worldwide core and founding element of the modern bodypainting art movement. Since 1998 this festival has set a pulse that has echoed throughout the bodypainting scene worldwide. The World Championships with it's many side events, and in particular the education and training programs, have been constantly expanded and optimized. The program, which originally took place here with the WB Academy, soon developed into the world's most extensive workshop programs within one week with the world's best artists from the art form.

Outside the World Bodypainting Festival, which takes place every year on the lake Wörthersee in the south of Austria, our programs in Austria are organized mainly in the capital VIENNA. Depending on the program, there are a variety of venues used to match our program content.

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The WB Academy program takes place before the main days of the World Bodypainting Festival with the World Championships, music and huge show program. Within this 5 days we offer around 65 different workshops with the world's best instructors in bodypainting, airbrush, special effects, creative lessons or beauty make-up. Workshops are for a limited number only and subjected to varying fees. Packages are avaiable, details see below. Early registration is recommended.

  • Locations: The classes take place in various rooms in the town center. Please check the location info a month before in the workshop overview.

  • Starting times: Classes start usually at 10.00 am. or 1.00 pm Sunday & 12 mid day on Thursday. (Please check the exact times in the detailed workshop description) We ask participants to show up at least 20 minutes before the classes start.
  • Groups: We can organize private classes with our teachers  for colleges, make up schools or other groups. 

  • Costs: The classes can be booked individually with the displayed fee. Only an advanced payment ensures your place. A great discounted option is the WB Academy Pass.

  • WB Academy Pass: The WB Academy Pass contains your favourite classes in each day and includes on the 5th day the new Global Bodypainting Conference Day for € 399 or even cheaper with the early bird offers. When you booked the class, simply choose your favorite for each day and let us know.

  • The workshop can be booked easy via our online store.


We provide for all programs during the World Bodypainting Festival a special event website with all detailed information at

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